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Who is she?

Born and raised in Southern California, a denim shorts. Flip Flops & Tank Girl at heart, Grace found a new passion in styling clothes when she had to learn how to layer up for her big move to NYC at a young age.

Having graduated from the university at Buffalo in Business Administration and Human Resources, she set her sights on doing HR for fashion companies but that took a turn when she landed her first fashion internship with on-air style & trend expert Brittney H. Levine. Under her guidance, Grace found her strength in public relations, content creating and styling.

Currently, Grace assists with different styling segments for live tv & is head stylist for Maison De Papillon.

When she’s not modeling, planning a campaign, or consulting with clients, you will find her face timing her friends so she can speak to their dogs!

Own that look

With one-on-one appointments our stylist you will have a shopping experience as unique and versatile as it deserves to be.

Whether seeking to refresh your wardrobe or entirely remake it, we will work with you to reinvent your closet and work with staples that you, most importantly, feel the most comfortable in. WHen you feel comfortable in our garments, confidence EBBS!

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