GAIA, representing the Earth and appropriately meaning “rebirth and reawakening”, serves as the foundation to a renewed opportunity to make a positive, purpose-driven impact on our planet. Project GAIA allows us a platform to support female minority owned brands around the world who also create sustainably-made products of the highest quality.

As a women-owned and led brand, aligning ourselves with companies that share the same goals of livable wages for workers, following fair-trade practices, and dedication to their impact on the fashion industry, is crucial to not only our brand, but the planet.


Immerse your skin in heaven’s embrace with this luxury masking set, utilizing biodegradable, natural materials, created by empowered Women Owned Brands.

Maison de Papillon has teamed up with spiritual and energized KNESKO to create a positive, all natural approach to empower clients through everyday life. Encouraging confidence in all, we believe that beauty is found within. We have come together with a shared goal of creating a luxurious experience for customers’ through the dual mask experience.

Start with your choice of KNESKO’s premium collagen beauty face masks and follow with 100% Silk Maison de Papillon Fashion Face Coverings to create a luxurious and rejuvenating dual masking experience allowing for inner and outer glow to emerge.


Maison de Papillon X Amrit is the second partnership under our new initiative, Project Gaia: At the intersection of ancient craftsmanship and new-world innovation, take a journey where fashion is both timeless, yet authentically and ethically made.

We believe in crafting garments that respect the planet, and the well-being of those who bring it to life. Beginning with the yarn handspun by artisans at Amrit, to the textiles handwoven with skills that have been passed down for generations, we are returning to the days of fabric holistically dyed and naturally dried by the glistening sun.

Escape into a world of breathable and versatile styles. Our collection highlights stunning organic mulberry & habotai silk fabrics uniquely hand marbled. With the latest developments in sustainable science and engineering we are proud to introduce the newest fabrication in our catalog: Econyl. Made of recycled plastics & nylon waste discarded into our oceans – this is where tradition meets ingenuity.

Elevated, sustainable luxury has now become a reality.

Join us in reimagining the future of fashion.

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